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Complete lawn, tree, and plant care services provided by professionally trained and accredited technicians.

Proper plant care requires professional applicators, but it also requires professional quality products, not just any fertilizer or compost. It involves doing the right treatment, at the right time, with the right quantity, for the right reason, by the right people.

Our plant care technicians are trained to do the right treatment for your lawn so you can get maximum value with a minimum of inconvenience to you.

While all our plant care services can be purchased individually, our services are also combined into a variety of packaged programs that is best suited for your needs.

Our Plant Health Services:

Lawn Core Aeration

This involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow water, air and nutrients to infiltrate the grassroots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more healthy lawn. Aerating also alleviates soil compaction. When aerating, cores are left on the ground as a natural topdressing material. This will incorporate organic matter into the thatch and upper soil levels.

Calcium Amendment

The primary role of calcium amendment is to help maintain chemical balance in the soil, reduce soil salinity, and improve water penetration. Application rate is based on only maintaining your current pH values. The amount of lime or related product does not correct a low pH value.

Fertilizer – Granular

A high quality, slow release granular fertilizer provides a complete range of nutrients for healthy turf. Our fertilizer is safe for people and pets immediately following application. It will also not break down in sunlight or leach through the soil with watering or rainfall and will stay in the root zone of the grass plant. Does not interfere with mowing schedule.

Fertilizer – Bio Nutrients

To establish soil biology, we apply bio nutrients blended specifically for turf grass. This will introduce microorganisms into the soil that are beneficial to the soil ecology and lawn health. We also incorporate a high quality liquid fertilizer. This is very important for overall plant and root health, growth, and stress resistance.

Fertilizer – Root Builder

The fertilizer is used to establish healthy root growth and is essential for proper seed germination. Aids in turf recovery from insect damage.

Insect Prevention – Acelepryn

This is a preventative product that is applied in early summer and helps avoid insect problems for up to three months – not recommended for chinch bug suppression.  Intended mainly for late summer/fall insect issues.

Insect Treatment 1 & 2: Follow-up

Insects can cause significant damage in a short period of time therefore timing is crucial. Dry patches in the hot summer months are a sign of insect problems. A special permit from the province is required when your pesticide allotment has been used. All pesticide application must follow provincial government regulations and adhere to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. Turf should be cut at 3 inches, 7.5 cm for treatment to be effective. A second treatment may be necessary during times of high infestation.

Soil compaction Test

Compaction of soil can impair water infiltration into soil, crop emergence, root penetration and crop nutrient and water uptake, all of which result in poor lawn development.  If compaction is poor, a lawn core aeration is recommended.

Soil Test

To determine soil pH, liming requirements, major and minor nutrient levels and other soil properties that may affect turf health. Test helps us suggest corrective measures as necessary to correct any deficiencies.

Weed Treatment – Organic

A natural alternative to our conventional weed treatment. Two applications are required approximately a month apart.

Weed Treatment – Traditional

Provincial law permits lawn care companies to use up to a 50% pesticide allotment for your total lawn area in one year. For this season, usually complete a spot weed treatment for the most visual areas as needed using up the allotment unless otherwise directed. If the weed population is not too severe, we may be able to use this 50% allotment over the entire lawn. Application is normally late spring or early summer but may vary based on weed population and weather.

Birch Soil Injection

Birch soil injection to help control leaf eating insects. A second treatment is necessary 30-45 days later.

Dormant Oil

Assist with control of overwintering eggs and scale insects. We apply a dormant oil as required. Completed in early spring before the trees bud out. Cannot be applied to blue spruce.

Fertilizer – Deep Root

We fertilize evergreen and deciduous shrubs twice per season.

Insect Treatment – Tree

Used generally during the summer months to control insects in trees, shrubs & perennials.