Our professionally trained and award winning landscape designers are ready to make your dreams come true. We have the credentials and expertise necessary to create plans, factoring in your budget, to achieve your goals. Residential or commercial, no problem.

The Process

Preliminary Meeting
Our designer will meet with you for a preliminary review of your ideas, goals and construction budget during a needs analysis. Any inspirational photos you may have are also welcomed and appreciated. This step usually takes an hour or so.

This information is used to prepare a quote for the design services. Design services can include computer generated plan view drawings, 3D renderings, construction details, irrigation layouts and/or landscape lighting plans. When the quote is approved, the designer will complete a full analysis of the site. This includes measurements, photos and spot elevations. You may be asked to supply supporting documents, such as the lot plans and/or municipal drainage plans for your property.

Review Meeting
The skill and imagination of the designer is then put to work to develop a preliminary drawing. It will combine the existing site conditions with your desires to layout your new outdoor space. When it is completed, the designer will then meet with you to review and discuss. The drawing will be refined, as needed, until it brings your dreams to life.

Final Plans and Quotes
A final master plan, drawn to scale and labeled with all relevant information will be generated. You will receive an electronic PDF of this plan, as well a paper copy. The designer is then able to generate quotations for the completion of all or part of the work.

Check out our portfolio to see award winning projects.