Our Team

Kevin Nauss  CLM
Owner / President

With the company since 1990

Ann-Marie Brewer
Sales Manager & Designer

Over 15 years of experience

Walter Penney  CLT
Client Service & Sales

With the company since 1994

Dan Budd  RSE
Operations Manager

With the company since 1982

David Maynard
Building Construction Manager

Over 20 years of experience

Leopold Poirier
Landscape Construction Supervisor

With the company since 1968

Paul Poirier  CLT, CLM, RSE
Operations Supervisor

With the company since 1993

Trevor Jones  CLHT, RSE
Plant Health Specialist

30 years of experience

Carol Nauss  BA, BEd
Office Manager

With the company since 2002

Carmen McAffee  MBA, FCPA, FCMA, CPA, CMA 

With the company since 2007