Recognition – Years of Service Awards


In 2018, we initiated our Years of Service Award program, recognizing employees for their years of loyal and dedicated service to Price Landscaping. Honoured at our 50th Celebrations on September 15 were employees Leopold Poirier, Nigel Bayliss, Dan Budd, Ellen Ruddick, Brad Miller and Paul Poirier.

  • Leopold Poirier – 50 Years
  • Nigel Bayliss – 35 Years
  • Dan Budd – 35 Years
  • Ellen Ruddick – 31 Years
  • Brad Miller – 25 Years
  • Paul Poirier – 25 Years

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to all our recipients. We are proud of each person’s commitment and loyalty to our company and their involvement in the landscaping industry in southeastern New Brunswick.

We are honoured to recognize Leopold Poirier for 50 years of loyal & dedicated service. Leopold’s professionalism, attention to detail and legendary work ethic throughout the years continues to be an inspiration for our employees.

Our company’s history is built on the dedication, leadership and skill of our longtime team members. They helped to grow our business, mentor our people and create our company culture. Each is an important member of our Price Landscaping family.

We invite you to check out our Team page to learn more about the Price Landscaping Team.

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